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Single-handed Transatlantic Race 1976

Yves Anrys , Pawn of Nieuwpoort , The North Atlantic

Plymouth UK to Newport Rhode Island USA - 3.000 nautical miles


Five low pressure systems followed each other one after the other, relentlessly generating an average wind speed of 35 knots and a raging, chaotic, short, crossed sea for over a week. The fleet were decimated.

Yves Anrys finished in 16th place overall out of 73 arrived (125 started) in  30 days 15 min 34 sec, placing him 8th of 52 in the J-class.

In this legendary race 2 skippers were lost at sea in storms, several yachts sank, were dismasted, had steering failures,...


Participation of 3 Belgian sailors :

Yves Anrys with 'Pawn of Nieuwpoort' - 30 ft

Staf Versluys with 'Tyfoon V' - 34,5 ft

Oscar Debra with 'Vanessa' - 43 ft

List of competitors OSTAR 1976

List of competitors , s.a. Eric Tabarly, Alain Colas, Gerard Dijkstra
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Logbook Yves Anrys

Complete logbook of the sail qualification of 500 nm and the race !!!   
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Film of the Race 1976
Historical film of the race
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Arrival in Zaventem airport 1976
Racing result OSTAR 1976 (pdf 0.3 MB - opens in a new window)

Yves Anrys in the media

Yves Anrys in the newspapers,...

- The preparation (pdf 6 MB)

- The race (pdf 9 MB)

- The arrival (pdf 10 MB)

- And more articles (pdf 7 MB)

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Record of achievements

1960 -> 1970 Sailing in OK Dinghy, Flying Dutchman, Snipe Class, Finn Class
International regattas in Finn Class and Snipe Class

1965 -> 1972 National offshore regattas s.a. Delta race, Roscop race, Light Vessel, Ostend-Ramsgate, Breskens week

1967 1st RORC race : West Mersea-Zeebrugge on Mordicus

1967 -> 1985 RORC races : North Sea race, West Mersea-Breskens, Channel race, Cowes-Dinard, Cowes-Santander, Giraglia Rolex Cup, Sardinia Cup

1971-1973-1975-1977-1981 Admiral's Cup

1974 Finn Gold Cup in Brest, Half Ton Cup in La Rochelle, One Ton Cup in Torquay

1976 Invitation King Boudewijn

OSTAR - Single-handed Transatlantic race
In November invited by King Boudewijn of Belgium.

1977 Sydney Harbour race

1978 Round Britain race

1979 Transat en Double : Lorient-Bermuda-Lorient

1982-1983 European Championship NACRA (catamaran)

1985 Antigua Week

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1990 - 2000  
Category C IYRU

Inventor and organizer Cataworld Formula 18 , regattas in Mauritius, Turkey, Thailand, Caribbean, Corsica and Saint Tropez.

1997 King's Cup Thailand

March 1997 Ocean Passage Record - World Sailing Speed Record Council Thailand Gulf 4h 8min 35sec

Dec. 1997  
Speed Record Andaman Sea 1997
Speed record Andaman Sea (Thailand) 2h 36min
Invited by King of Thailand
Invited by the King of Thailand

March 1998 Record Round Mauritius 10h 14min

Febr. 2002 Asean Championship in Pranburi Thailand on Platu (Beneteau 25) with his sons Thierry and Didier.

May I thank Mr. Yves Anrys for the use of the information from his private archive.
Erwin Van Iseghem - December 2015

This web page is a tribute to

Yves Anrys

Yves Anrys Antwerp 2015

Born in Antwerp, Belgium

on the 23rd of February 1946.

Merchand navy officer

(photo taken in Antwerp - December 2015)


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